To get started let’s rundown the things you’ll need

  1. An audio file that you recorded
  2. Somewhere to host that file, plenty of services to do this for you
    1. They will create you a ‘feed’
  3. Register that “feed” with Apple to have your show available on iTunes (currently the largest catalog), also register with Google play, that covers 95%
  4. Your host will have a place to add show notes and details, like episode number, guests, and links.


I started with a Blue Yeti and recorded on my Mac using the free go software Audacity. It’s a nice plug and play over USB with any computer. Talk, record, edit, export. Easy peasy. After a while I upgraded to XLR mic, that’s the fat pronged audio cable you see from standard audio equipment. Then you need a box to convert that to digital and send it into the computer over USB. This is a good breakdown of the two options xlr or usb?. The nice thing about XLR is it makes it much easier to edit later because it gives me cleaner audio.


  • Zencastr good for remote interviews
  • libsyn I use this service. solid reliable. Nothing super fancy.
  • microcasting I also do a bit of this. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can record, edit, and post right from your phone, it’s a great service. Microcasts are meant to be as short or long as you’d like. I do a couple 5 minute episodes a week.