So I was thinking a goal for 2019 would be 20 rejections for call for proposals for programming conferences. This means I need to put together maybe 5 or 6 quality cfp’s and then find as many interesting conferences to apply to. I thought it would be more positive to set the goal at 20 rejects, as a poses to getting accepted at 1 or 2 conferences. Knowing that it’s a matter of having a good solid proposal, and a numbers game. Maybe it does fit with the overall theme of the conference, maybe it just missed the cut? There are lots of reason to get rejected, being a terrible idea I don’t think is even on that long list. Maybe I didn’t articulate my goals well? Those are all things I can improve on. With that in mind, step one creat a repo. Step two, find and compile a laundry loo isn’t of conferneces. Starting with everything is inbounds, other than ones that fall on the kid’s birthdays and things like that. So we’ll start with the list, and go from there.