Pretty sure at this point most people have heard of Slack or used Slack. The chat app that has made huge inroads into enterprise and small communities alike. I used to have a Slack with friends that replaced or irc channel, now I have more than 1/2 a dozen across a variety of groups and work. It’s a lot of messaging. 🙄 Slack is currently poses for IPO, and valued around 7 billion, which brings up the point -

Is there any reason for Microsoft not to buy Slack for $20 billion? Seems like a perfect fit and at $20 billion could be a bargain.

I agree with Jay, Slack (right down to the new rgb color scheme from their new logo) would be a good fit for the new MS.

Hell. I’ve already got a dozen groups on my Surface Book. 😉

Spurred by Ron Miller’s piece Someone could scoop up Slack before it IPOs.