Pai is just another in a long list of FCC Chairmen, from both sides of the aisle to come and can from the very companies they are suppose to regulate. 😤

The cable industry’s biggest lobby group, NCTA–The Internet & Television Association, is led by former FCC Chairman Michael Powell. The wireless industry’s biggest lobby group, CTIA, is led by former FCC member Meredith Attwell Baker. Baker also spent time as a lobbyist for Comcast.

Pai isn’t the only former FCC chair to join a private-equity firm shortly after leaving the commission. William Kennard, a Democrat who chaired the FCC during President Bill Clinton’s second term, went to the Carlyle Group investment firm in 2001. Powell joined Providence Equity Partners in 2005. Democrat Julius Genachowski, Obama’s FCC chair from 2009 to 2013, joined the Carlyle Group in 2014.