I have probably started dozens of projects over the years with the intention of selling it as a product or tutorial. Number of projects that have made it across the finish-line and available for sale? A whomping zero 🥚. ☹️ so when Gumroad put out a 14 day course to get people like me through the process, I jumped at the chance.

Pick a Topic You Already Have Expertise In

  1. Web development
  2. Testing setup and start with React
  3. Next JS Testing
  4. React Native Setup
  5. NextJS setup
  6. TailwindCSS
  7. Emotion JS in CSS

Keep Your Scope Small

Those are all pretty good sized topics. I am would like to focus on testing is some shape or form, it’s a matter of what the scope will be to launch in 14 days. 🤔 let’s focus on testing specifically in NextJS, something where I think there is a real need in the community.