I asked on twitter the other day, ‘What is the equivalent of shooting 100 free throws for communication?” Several people mentioned it was to write 750 words or so a day. Now this is of particular interest to myself, bc I have started-stopped this exact task, or what feels more like a chore, multiple times in the past. None of those efforts lasted more than 14-15 days. I have even gone so far as to build an app that will count, track, and publish those posts to a blog. And while I managed to spend almost a year working on that side project. Not once did I ever get past 10 days in a row. Now the interesting thing about streaks is that once you miss one, all the motivation is immediately sucked out of your body and into the void. The effort to start again after skipping a day, I would say, is exponentially more than starting in the first place. So? How do you avoid the disappointment black hole when you miss a day or break a streak? How do you get back to it with the same vigor and dedication?