The new public notice seeks to “refresh the record” in an FCC proceeding on competition in multi-unit buildings that began in 2019 under then-Chairman Ajit Pai. Several groups told the Pai-led FCC that exclusive wiring deals are used as an end run around the prohibition on exclusive service deals. But cable companies that benefit from the deals urged the FCC to reject calls to regulate or ban them and are continuing that argument with the Biden-era FCC.

Comcast, Charter, Cox, and NCTA–The Internet & Television Association (the cable industry’s primary lobbying group) met with FCC staff to discuss the topic on September 2, according to an ex parte filing submitted last week by NCTA. During the meeting, NCTA “described the benefits of continuing to allow providers to enter into exclusive wiring agreements with MTE owners. Exclusive wiring agreements do not deny new entrants access to MTEs. Rather, exclusive wiring agreements are pro-competitive and help ensure that state-of-the-art wiring will be deployed in MTEs to the benefit of consumers,” the filing said.

It’s no wonder broadband in America, especially in rural part, is inadequate.