“The challenge is that a consumer doesn’t see the true value that manufacturers see in terms of how that data can help them in the long run. So they don’t really care for spending time to just connect it,” Henry Kim, US director of LG’s smart device division ThinQ, told the Journal.

LG told the Journal that fewer than half of its smart appliances—which represent 80–90 percent of its sold appliances—stay connected to the Internet. Whirlpool reported that “more than half” are connected. Wi-Fi-connected smart appliances may be connected when they’re first set up, but a new Internet provider, router hardware, or Wi-Fi password could take the device offline. And a smart oven is likely to be far down the list of devices to set up again once that happens.

Yeah no kidding. What customer wants to get notifications from their dishwasher or stove? On top of that I don’t want a services subscription to a washing machine I bought. I just want it to wash clothes not tag me on Instagram.