Those magazines are increasingly seen as an area where policy changes could lessen the carnage that has become emblematic of attacks waged with AR-15s and other guns, according to a growing body of research and interviews with experts and law enforcement veterans. An emerging consensus among these experts — and one that has taken hold in some state legislatures — is that mandating smaller magazines would force mass shooters to pause to reload, allowing people to flee or fight back.

Or. And hear me out. Ban personal ownership of guns. You want a gun for hunting? Fine. The process takes longer than filing for a passport, costs several hundred dollars out of pocket, and requires an on going safety training license. The gun will be serialized and registered with the state. An annual registration fee will be required. Failure to keep up on any of the above will result in seizure of the gun and a permanent ban from any and all gun ownership indefinitely. Private injury insurance will also be required. Similar to owning and operating a motor vehicle, which has actual societal value.