GE Profile™ is introducing a new over-the-air software upgrade to owners of select wall ovens with in-oven cameras with Cookcam™ AI. The new innovative AI feature recognizes what is being cooked and automates the rest. Harnessing the images of the in-oven cameras, it expertly identifies your food and recommends the best Precision Cooking Mode, ensuring great results every time.

Once the food is placed in the oven and the door is shut, the camera takes images[1] of the oven cavity and uses AI and machine learning to detect and identify the food. Within a few seconds, the oven will chime and recommend a specific Precision Cooking Mode on the oven’s LCD touchscreen and cooking is underway with just a few taps on the screen.

Where to even start?

  • over-the-air updates
  • built in camera(s) plural
  • AI and ML
  • touchscreen

An oven should have NONE of these things.