Today Github, recently acquired by the new Microsoft, announced unlimited free repos for all. This is an interesting turn, after wide spread outcry and running to places like Gitlab after the MS finalized the purchase last year. I am more and more skeptical of free services, as we all should be I'm looking at you Facebook, I'm looking right at you, and am happy to pay for the services I do use and value. So I'm a little torn over this one. On the one hand I'm happy that MS on all accounts is showing to be a 'good steward' of this corner stone of open source development. On the other hand, I wonder, why? MS is still a business. Maybe it's a bit pessimistic, but I can't help be a little weary of the good news. Like in a month the other shoe will drop. Over the past several years I have become, more and more, and new Microsoft fan. Most know to the point, I happily use a Surface Book for my day to day work, and I freakin' love it. Still, this move seems unnecessary? At least for me, private repos wasn't a problem I needed solved.