There is always a time during the week when I think, "what have I been up to this week?" What do I have to show for being on the computer at night, checking my phone 139 times a day? What do I get out of this? In the spirit of 'More Content', I am giving time tracking a shot. So were all on the same page, here's a short description of time tracking.

Historically, time-tracking has been being used as the simplest way to measure work and calculate payments. In today’s world, it is often used as a source of essential data on how work is performed, what can be improved, and what trends of the work process require closer attention. Advanced time trackertools are used for collection and analysis of this vital information.


For my goals, I am more concerned with what trends of work have been done. I haven't set any goals yet, I won't even know where to start, but i figure the information gathering stage is good enough. Along with that I've forced myself to Pomodoro Technique every activity I do for side work. I've got my Toggle Time running now while I write this. And we'll see what the graph shows in a week, and then a week after that.

For course there are plenty of apps and tools to help with all this tracking. Mac Stories has a great run down of Siri Shortcuts that will run a lot of the manual process of time tracking, removing all the excuses I have come up with to avoid it. And the really, I just want to be more productive with the time I have, and not commit more time than I already am to content. We'll see ..