I gave a talk at my local meetup for React, the part I left out of my previous post was the meetup was hosted at my work. This had the added benefit of home court advantage (sports ball) I knew more people in the audience that usual, and was very comfortable. The side effect that I didn't anticipate was the following day. I had a couple people, people not on my team, I might recognize them in the halls, maybe even say hi to them from time to time. These people stopped me and complimented me on my talk last night! ♥ This absolutely made my day. It really extended the excitement, the buzz, the high I get when I present something I like in front of a group that I really look up to.

This has an adverse effect that I'm never ready for, the crash. Coming down emotionally from a talk is, for me is physically painful. I am not sure you would categorize it as a chemical withdraw of good feelings, but that is the best way I can describe it. While I recover, my show is running late, I need to get it out the door, but I feel like nothing more than crawling into bed for the weekend.

To all those who attended and took the time to provide feedback, I sincerely thank you.