I often have thoughts about all the things I can learn or knock out as the weekend approaches. Won't it be great to take time out to figure out X, or know how exactly to do Y? My plans are usually so beyond doable in a single weekend, even if I don't have anything else planned. Things like ready that entire book cover to cover. These things are technically possible, but with even the slightest amount regular things to do, like laundry and the grocery store, these things are unrealistic. But won't it be great? Yeah of course it would, but it's definitely not practical.

I realize more and more, maybe it's getting older, or having kids to steward, but the mind frame I try to put things in is less big push, and tons of little tiny pieces that I can chip away at. One small nibble at a time, that's what is successful. I know that. It still doesn't stop me from constantly setting up my weekend or time off to some level of disappointment when I don't read that entire book, or complete that whole project start to finish. I guess there's always next weekend.